Omari Sanders

I make data dance. 

Software Engineer/Architect
Serial entrepreneur

Ever since his father brought home an IBM PC XT (Google it.) in 1985, Omari Sanders has pursued a passion for technology, software and business. 

Omari Sanders is a software architect and serial entrepreneur experienced in developing software solutions for corporations, federal government and non-profit organizations. He has been a partner and mentor to numerous IT firms and aspiring consultants. In 2002 he founded his first company eSolutions360,LLC a DC area software development firm .

Omari has personally developed, and led the development of, web-based software for the Departments of Interior and Defense, as well as a major player in the automotive lubricant industry. His areas of expertise are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), enterprise-level software development, functional analysis and UX design and business development. He has consulted with clients and developed software that has added millions of dollars to corporate bottom lines over the last decade.

Omari is a graduate of James Madison University with a B.S. degree in Economics.


Below are companies and brands I am personally involved in.

Sanventure is focused on delivering products and services  to diverse, niche markets through a portfolio of companies.

Uncord Technologies,LLC is a Solution and Device-as-a-Service (SDaaS) company dedicated to developing unique products and solutions for the retail, mobile food service, and pop-up business markets.

Founded in 2002 by software architect and entrepreneur Omari Sanders, eSolutions360 has developed solutions for a variety of clients in the commercial, government and non-profit sectors.

Application that enables consumers to locate and order food from their favorite food trucks around their current location in seconds. It also assists food trucks in marketing and streamlining their mobile business.


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